8. Make Money with Squishy Cash

SquishyCash is one of the best for many reasons. First off you are given a $3 bonus just for signing up! What I like about this site is that they are very professional. They take the time to show you how to maximize your earnings on their site with visual tutorials for completing offers.

They have contests all the time with things like $3 for every 12 offers completed, and refer the most members for $10. As far as the referral system goes, they offer a starting rate at 20% for every referral with room to increase your rates! Offer-wise Squishycash has a lot of freebies and they also credit pretty quickly.

Squishycash have a low $20 minimum to cashout. They pay via Amazon.com gift certificate, PayPal deposit and check at the end of the month. They also have an option to cashout and get your money the next day instead of waiting a whole month. They also have chips that you can cash in for different things like money, gift cards, account upgrade, and a few electronics.

Squishycash is a great site with their speedy payments and great offers.